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Volume 59 http://www.msties.com/ Turkey Day 2001
Formerly The MSTies Anonymous Newsletter: News for the Obscure Convergence


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From the Poobah
"Better 'Bots and Satellites" by bill@msties.com
"Jenny For Your Thoughts" by jenny@msties.com
"Missing KTMA Episode Information" by tomservorobot@yahoo.com
"MST3K and You" by mstanon@msties.com
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From the Poobah

Hey guys, sorry for not sending out the past couple editions of the SOL Post. This unplanned sabbatical was brought about by both the fall semester and my writing about the GameCube and games I imported from Japan over at Nintendojo.com. The best way you can keep me motivated here at MSTies Anonymous is by sending in your MST-related articles as described in the 'How You Can Contribute' portion of this newsletter.

I hope everyone's having a happy Turkey Day today. On this, the day we MSTies celebrate the anniversary of the show's inception on Minneapolis UHF station KTMA TV23, it's a tradition to watch a marathon of MST3K episodes. If you haven't popped in a tape or twelve yet, there's still time to do so! So far, I've watched the following episodes as a part of my marathon:

0310 Fugitive Alien
0816 Prince of Space
1001 Soultaker
0515 Wild Wild World of Batwoman
0903 Pumaman

Next up, I'll probably watch episode 1013 Diabolik and The Last Dance, RAW. It seems fitting seeing as this is the last Turkey Day we'll have while the show is still being broadcast. Be sure to check out what may be the last Sci- Fi Channel schedule below.

"Better 'Bots and Satellites" by bill@msties.com

Vol. 3, Issue 9
Calling All Collins! From a Whisper to a Screaming Skull

Let's set the scene: eerie music, like the wailing of a sorrowful banshee begins to seep from the television speaker, as a black and white image of a decrepit Tudor mansion looms before you. Wind whistles in dying tree branches as the image flickers, like a long distance videophone call from another time, another realm. As the light fades and begins to trick the eye into seeing shadows in the deep darkness of the blackened manor windows, a tiny death rattle of a voice sighs its tale of woe and foreboding:

"My name is Victoria Winters. There is a cold here within the walls of Collinwood, a cold that chills the very marrow in the bones and feces in the bowel. I know that something evil dwells within these ancient rooms and morbid halls, and I am not speaking about Joan Bennett's acting. Even as I speak aloud to you for no apparent reason about things I could not have any direct or even remote knowledge about, I know that Matthew Morgan, Sheriff Lobo and Rhett Beavers are all headed down to the Piggly Wiggly to see if Chubb Frick got Wanda Bodine's Achy Breaky commemorative T-shirt unstuck from the Eight O'clock Coffee Grinder in time for her try-out at the Miss Junior Clown Prison Rodeo."

Bob Dylan, famous for a voice only a pathetic mute could clamor for, and a songwriting talent only surpassed by his capacity to be influential, once wrote that the times, they are a changing. Well, in the televisional landscape of the 1960's the times were definitely a changing, and along with the times, morals, values, concepts of liberty and freedom and the notion of what would make intriguing entertainment all went through a particularly harsh peyote button. The Western, once the Cattle King of Old Kentucky was handed its overripe chaps and told to hit the stills, as cowboys and injuns made way for farmers and pigs, which in turn, gave birth to country bumpkins and Dash Rip Rock, which resulted in Uncle Joe and an entire cast of Oui wanna be's strutting and fretting their miserable half hour upon the world's stage, only to fret even more and strut like a cheetah when the aforementioned Joseph got a little "gassy". It was an era in extracurricular enjoyment when white trash ruled the boob tube, taking the nickname far too literally, in both its mentality and its halter topped bodaciousness. Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, and The Courtship of Eddie's Father all taught us that, in the racially charged and ethically open-minded maelstrom of 1960 - 1969, being pasty, white and confederate was perfectly acceptable, at times even hilarious.
But just as it seemed that Paul Henning would get his way and find time to produce yet another show about brain damaged hay seeds whittling their spittle into fancy ball gowns to wear at Presidential inaugurations, along came people like Gene Roddenberry, and Norman Lear, men who felt that the whole hoedown had hemorrhaged and that yarns about yahoos had yucked their last he-yuck. With shows like All in the Family and Star Trek, the boundaries of television were pushed beyond the outhouse and back towards indoor plumbing, where they belonged. But no one was more daring than Dan Curtis, a man who decided that what this backwater and one horse TV landscape needed was a good dose of New England gothic intrigue. Hatching away in his hyperactive brain was a television show unlike anything imaged on the air at the time, a show that celebrated the macabre and the gloomy, a moody tale of scarred people lived in an ominous town, bulging to the barnacles with skeletons (and vampires) in the closet. The drama would revolve around the Collins family, and their stately, if somewhat rotting manor Collinwood, a home in whose many mysterious quarters held haunts from years past. There were ghosts in the "dark shadows" of these halls. And any other manner of the gruesome, ghoulish and groovy. Hence the name: The Groovy Ghoulies Show. We mean Dark Shadows. Sorry.
Curtis had a grand design for the show, a tale told from parallel times and worlds, of an epic battle between Heaven and Hell, the seen and the unknown. What he envisioned was a cross between the House of the Seven Gables and Macbeth, as processed through the mindset of Bram Stoker, with just a little H.P. Lovecraft on the side. What he got, instead, was a drippy amalgam of Lost in Space and The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea as envisioned by the Sea Captain from The Simpsons. Perhaps it was the casting of little David Henesy as David Collins, youngest of the Collins family and the one most unlikely to succeed with girls. Whining and whimpering like a diseased fawn in a bear trap, David, you see, has a pedophile's dream of a dilemma; he must give his love and loathing to someone, but he can't decide between his ultra light in the loafers father Roger Collins (played by as Louis Edmonds as a cross between Wayland Flowers and Madam) or square jawed and swishy hipped Burke Devlin, the town scandal. Once ridden out on a rail for a manslaughter he didn't commit (no one said ANYTHING about the manhandling he may have done), devilish Burke has now returned to the scene of his spiritual de- pantsing to buy up any and all Collins interests for a box of Gordon's Breaded Fish Fillets and a bottle of Old Spice. Burky plays everything, including his warped lust for David, very coy and close to the vest. Or maybe that's where he wishes Davy would cradle his lovely blond lock. Even as it tried to build up a real sense of dread and fear, any suspense or sinister urge was wiped out in a swath of camp, kitsch and heavily homoerotic male bonding as David's flaming queen of a pappy traipses around the town like Divine in a pair of cha-cha heels and a new eyebrow look.
Not that the women of Dark Shadows fair any better. As the staunch and starchy Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Joan Bennett makes answering and dialing the telephone a Lee Strasburg experience in non-acting. This is a talent for whom the prop handset is a mandatory dramatic aide, less she has to resort to trace or sense memory. Sans rotary dialer, she is like clay moving through lead as aided by ennui and a deep sense of the staid. Want even more non- emotion? Look no further than Alexandra Moltke, playing the afore-ridiculed Victoria Winters with all the conviction and feeling of a yardstick, which her figure mimics quiet well. Whether she was being kidnapped by burly smelly gardeners, responding to the juvenilia torments of the boy annoy David, or cutting her forehead on Burke's meaner than Bruce Campbell chin during a dispassionate make-out session, the future Von Bulow witness for the Defense gave new meaning to the word inanimate. About the only actress worth her salt in seasoning was Clarice Blackburn, who played plucky and plaintive housekeeper Sarah Johnson. Watching her deliver lines with passion, wit and characterization makes the prank call paralysis of Ms. Suspiria and static stasis of Klaus' slightly less comatose seem all the more torpid. It no surprise that after a few months, Devil Dan decided to deconstruct and redesign his foray into the realm of the Occult.
Enter Jonathan Frid, a man more glower than power, his intense gaze smoldering with hidden heinousness and the toothy desire to gnaw on some virginal necks. And this is before he was cast as Barnabas Collins, long lost relative and resident New Hampshire Nosferatu, and added to the otherwise fetid bowl of cliché chowder. Barnabas was an immediate hit, adding the right amount of tragic ludicrousness to the whole outlandish shebang. Clutching his hawk headed cane like it contained a fifth of Wild Turkey, and scowling at everyone within a time portal, Freaky Friddy turned the glum and bummer gymnastics of the rest of the family Collins into an inert and meaningless freak fest. Soon, the whole show revolved around Big B and his fashion fangs as he nibbled and slurped his way from season to season. Seeing the success of one Universal monster archetype, a very curt Dan decided to pile on Pete, and add Frankensteins and Vulpine as a means of nuzzling up to the members of the Nielsen clan. Funny thing, though: after the initial public acceptance and critical splash of having horrible mutant creatures, carnage and mayhem on their simple minded craniums, running amuck in the Vermont or Connecticut countryside, the American people grew tired of their immorality antics and before you could say "Arnold Ziffel is a swine", the Collins were part of yesterday's society column. It's a lesson the Kennedys still haven't taken to their cold, black hearts.
Still, the mementos left behind by this ghoulish gothic gabfest are far reaching. Shows like The X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Trading Spaces all owe their bleak tone and otherworldly piffle to the meanderings of the ever calling Liz, ever mincing Roger, ever molesting Burke, ever whining David and ever necking Barnabas. Even a movie like 912 Screaming Skull can find many counterparts and analogous similarities to Big Black Silhouettes. (SO what if the movie came out 8 years before Dark Shadows began, they are the same, dammit, and we here at BB&S do not have to defend our choice. Call it dramatic license. Call it inspired spoofery. Just breathe and relax, damn you!) Better 'Bots and Satellites offers this guide to both works, in hopes that, after grasping the innate connections between these twin tales of terror, we will blow your funky little minds:

Feature a woman of questionable acting skill, limited attractiveness and hideous fashion and social sense being brought to an old, rickety mansion to tutor a small boy Features a woman of questionable acting skill, limited attractiveness and hideous fashion and social sense being brought to an old, rickety mansion to slowly go insane
Features a man of questionable sexual orientation who swear he loves women, when all the time he acts more like he loves small boys and disco Features a man of questionable sexual orientation who swears he loves his wife, probably because she resembles a small boy at a disco
Features a grubby handyman who wanders the property in a state of dubious hygiene pining for his lost love Features a grubby handyman who wanders the property in a state of dubious hygiene pining for his lost peat moss
David Collins is convinced there is a ghost in Collinwood, and runs around like a psycho brat singing songs to "Mr. Juggins" Jenni Whitlock is convinced there is a ghost in her house in the woods, and runs around like a Tyco truck shrieking about her lack of "juggins"
Roger Collins is an effeminate man who has a horrible secret in his past Eric Whitlock is an ineffective man who has a horrible stain on his suit
Features a screaming skull (as part of The Dream Curse) Features a screaming skull (as a means of justifying the title)
Features the disembodied head of Jonas Zachary Features the disembodied head of some guy from Central Casting
Ghost occasionally walk out of paintings making life a living hell for the inhabitants of Collinwood Ghosts occasionally walk across the lawn decreasing property values and infuriating the inhabitants of their deed restricted community
There is a creepy, pedophiliac undercurrent to the story lines There is a creepy, orthopedic undercurrent to the story lines
When the show was in jeopardy introduced a new character, creating a new type of anti-hero When the plot was in jeopardy introduced a new characterization to someone everyone thought was retarded
This new character saves the show This new characterization saves nothing
Has nothing whatsoever to do with Michael, Phil, or Tom Collins Has nothing whatsoever to do with Dionne Warwick
Barnabas Collins likes to suck blood The Screaming Skull just sucks

Sure, The Screaming Skull, at its heart, is a tired old mystery story where the husband is trying to gaslight the wife, like he did his previous matrimonial source of inherited wealth, so that she will go nuts and throw herself into the cement pond out back. All he really cares about is the filthy lucre he can gain. Kind of like The Beverly Hillbillies, without all of Granny's cursing. Dark Shadows was and continues (in reruns and fansites) to be a source of questionable, if not heartfelt fascination for fans and fanatics alike. Maybe we scoff at Mickey's last minute transformation from dimwit to detective, from idiot to insight as a means of saving the convoluted storyline from sinking like the skulls in the lily pond, it still makes more sense than the whole 1750/1890/1966 Time After Time wife and warlock swapping that goes on in an average season of the latter Shadows. Sure, it may seem like a bad idea to base an entire movie around the slender premise that a woman, no matter who recently released from the booby hatch she is, would find a plastic cranium absolutely horrifying, so much so that she would take her own life. But this is nothing compared to the underage namblings of young Davey Collins, as he thrusts his head into the groin of Burke Devlin, and coos his name like a rent boy, all the while toadying about what good "friends" they are. Yes, both vaulted vehicles for highbrow horror crap out at the end: Barnabas spends more time being a babe drawing badass than drinking claret and doing the Bat-tusi and the scheming and evil Eric tumbles haplessly into the seemingly bottomless pit of a wading pool like this is the first time, ever, that he has stumbled across it on his property before. But at least, in the case of both Shadows and Skull, there were no gapped toothed yokels relaxing on carved log chairs, festooned in dirty, frayed overalls, sipping moonshine and preparing their hounds for a possum hunt. They decided to leave all that malevolent wickedness to The Andy Griffith Show.

"Jenny For Your Thoughts" by jenny@msties.com

Hey, everyone. I've decided to bulk up my tape collection and tape trade. Why now? Well, I had every tape or episode I wanted, but as was pointed out to me at the last convention, the goal is to get all the episodes. Plus a friend of mine wants to see some of the episodes that I don't have. I'll trade for any episode not on my list or from Seasons 8-10. (I can get those.) So here's the list of MST tapes I have, save for the ones available on Rhino.

0201 Rocketship X-M
0212 Godzilla vs. Megalon
0213 Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
0302 Gamera
0304 Gamera vs. Barugon
0306 Time of the Apes
0308 Gamera vs. Gaos
0309 Amazing Colossal Man
0310 Fugitive Alien
0312 Gamera vs. Guiron
0316 Gamera vs. Zigra
0317 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent
0321 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
0401 Space Travelers
0402 Giant Gila Monster
0408 Hercules Unchained
0410 Hercules Against the Moon Men
0411 Magic Sword
0418 Attack of the the Eye Creatures
0419 Rebel Set
0420 Human Duplicators
0422 Day the Earth Froze
0423 Bride of the Monster
0505 Magic Voyage of Sinbad
0508 Operation Double 007
0516 Alien from L.A.
0519 Outlaw
0521 Santa Claus
0523 Village of the Giants
0601 Girls Town
0603 Dead Talk Back
0604 Zombie Nightmare
0605 Colossus and the Headhunters
0606 Creeping Terror
0608 Code Name: Diamond Head
0610 Violent Years
0611 Last of the Wild Horses
0612 Starfighters
0613 Sinister Urge
0614 San Francisco International
0615 Kitten With a Whip
0617 Sword and the Dragon
0620 Danger! Death Ray
0621 Beast of Yucca Flats
0623 Amazing Transparent Man
0624 Samson vs. the Vampire Women
701T Night of the Blood Beast
0701 Night of the Blood Beast
0702 Brute Man
0703 Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
0704 Incredible Melting Man
0705 Escape 2000
0706 Laserblast
0801 Revenge of the Creature
0802 Leech Woman
0803 Mole People
0805 Thing That Couldn't Die
0808 She Creature
0809 I Was a Teenage Werewolf
0811 Parts: the Clonus Horror
0813 Jack Frost
0814 Riding with Death
0815 Agent for H.A.R.M.
0822 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
0904 Werewolf
0910 Final Sacrifice
1001 Soultaker
1002 Girl in Gold Boots
1003 Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
1009 Hamlet
1011 Horrors of Spider Island
1013 Diabolik

So tell me what you'd like to trade and I'll do my best.

"Missing KTMA Episode Information" by tomservorobot@yahoo.com

By tracing Joel's jumpsuit, t-shirt and hair length one can figure out where all of the clips come from included on the scrapbook tape, 015 and 017. The breakdown is as follows:

000 (pilot)- Light blue/green jumpsuit, blue/green shirt, long hair

001 - Light blue/green jumpsuit, white shirt, long hair

002 - Beige jumpsuit, blue/green shirt, long hair

003 - Beige jumpsuit, white shirt, long hair

004 - Beige jumpsuit, white shirt, short hair

Therefore, the opening for the pilot was simply a black screen saying MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000 and another saying WITH JOEL HODGSON. This may also have been used for 001 through 003, but it's not likely, since Joel had discussed writing the theme in an interview on talkspot.com (April, 1999). The credits fade to Crow, Joel and Beeper, who explain the premise. The background appears blue/gray, which is the natural color it was painted, but it appears red/orange in all the other KTMAs, which is due to entirely different lighting. A primitive door sequence of various real-life objects such as a locker, office door, and circuit breaker bring us through the satellite to the theater. Joel enters and is alone in the theater where his silhouette is seen over "The Green Slime" title and one riff is heard ("That's not an asteroid, it's a battle station!") on the sales tape. Also, there is a short clip on the sales tape of Joel, Crow, Beeper and Gypsum (who falls backwards), which must be from another host segment since Joel's appearance matches the description. Yet another host segment from a tape shown at the 1994 Conventio-Con, which follows with Joel making a joke about the secrets of the universe being on 8-track.

The KTMA sales tape references "Thunderbirds to the Rescue", which was a Jerry and Sylvia Anderson movie (who made the movies that were shown in episodes 001, 002, and 010), but there are no actual shots from episode 001 or 002.

001 Invaders from the Deep includes Joel and Crow in the theater. This is the movie being watched in the KTMA opening. The host segments deal with Joel and things called vacuflowers (seen in 015), which are little flowers that grow on the ship and makes whoever smells them obsessed (also explained by Joel in the talkspot.com interview). Another segment has Joel and Gypsum with foam on her nose (also notice in that scene there is foam and vacuflowers on the desk and on Joel's hands). A third segment has Crow and Servo with clothespins on their noses. The video trickery in 017 shows Joel saying the guys at the station sent him a fax that the next film is "Invaders from the Deep". This episode was aired 11-24-88 at 6 pm.

002 Revenge of the Mysterians was shown 11-24-88 at 8 pm. I don't know who did the theater segments. The Thanksgiving sketch about the Macy's Parade was from this episode as well as a short clip of Joel, Crow and Gypsum with gourds in her mouth (seen in 015).

003 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II was shown 11-27-88 at 6 pm. During a sketch where Crow explains Thanksgiving, both Crow and Joel call the other robot Gypsum. I believe the short clip from the KTMA opening with Joel using nun-clucks is from this episode. Tom, Joel and Crow all sit in the theater, as seen in a clip of it in the commercial in the Pitch Tape to The Comedy Channel that is also seen on the Scrapbook Tape.

Many changes were made for 004 Gamera vs. Barugon. The shots of Joel cleaning, the Robot Roll Call and the Demon Dogs were probably filmed between 002 and 003 because of his tan jumpsuit and white shirt, but all evidence points to the first three episodes were made in advance. The call-in phone line was most likely added during this episode since in 004 a caller says, "It's 11-27 and I was just watching the show." The Demon Dogs were never used in the KTMA era except for the opening credits as explained in 020.

While searching for the videos to these, only these sources appear:

Ted Dean, in a post from "Deux ex Machina's tape trading post":
From: T. Dean ()
Date: 16-Oct-97 (8:7:56 GMT)
Subj: 002 & 003

"In a post I put out a few days back I was trying to reach Sam, another 'Bot builder. At one time I was trying to trade 'Bot parts for episodes. I mentioned that I had part of 002 and 003, which not to many other people have. Since that post I have had 90+ contacts about these 2 episodes. I have put this post out to answer the same questions that keep coming up. The story I got from the person who I got them from is this. When MST first aired on KTMA a guy set his VCR to record some different shows while he was away on a holiday vacation. He programmed the VCR wrong and it managed to record 002 and 003. He was unimpressed with them and through time he re-recorded over some stuff with a home video camera. He sent the home movies to a brother in the Navy and it still had these MST movies on it. They were a big hit aboard the ship and he made several copies for his shipmates. Through time they made copies for their friends etc. etc. A MSTie was one who got them and I got them through him. The quality sucks. These are 10++ generation. I am trying very hard to get better copies of these. I am running down the trail of people who have them ‘til I get to the best source. When and if I get better copies, I will offer them on my web site and through the exchange. I made copies for a few people and the quality is so bad I have stopped. You may soon see others offer 002 and 003 on this exchange. These are the people I made copies for and I am telling you the quality will triple suck if you try to get yet another copy from their tapes. I know that some want them no matter what they look like so they can be part of the few. But I am telling you it is best wait if you can hold it in. I will purchase a new video enhancer and try again with these but I am telling you I would not keep my hopes up to high. For those of you who have copies of 002 and 003, sorry about the quality, but I told you so. Thanks."

The e-mail posted is invalid, and a phone search found the wrong Ted Deans.

Donald O'Conner, ex-manager of KTMA TV-23, might have a copy of the pilot (it was sold to him).

Jim Mallon/Best Brains Inc.: The only people known to have tapes of the missing episodes, but unfortunately will not release them.

Joel Hodgson, MST3K's founding father, seems to have more of an interest in the KTMA days. If he has a copy, chances are, he might pass around a few to his friends.

KTMA employees may have copies as well, and any uninformed fans may have them, too.

If you have any information on the missing KTMA episodes, e-mail Tom (trnoel@hotmail.com) or Jack (tomservorobot@yahoo.com).

"MST3K and You" by mstanon@msties.com

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is probably best explained by character Dr. Clayton Forrester in the feature film based on the long running television series: "What you are about to see is an experiment. And by observing, you have become part of that experiment. For I have shot a man into space and have been driving him crazy by forcing him watch the worst movies ever made." He continues, "This is my test subject, Mike Nelson, a disgustingly mild-mannered dope who's managed to survive every film I've subjected him to. But perhaps this movie will drive him to the breaking point and crush his soul. And then, I'll unleash it on an unwitting public and then, I will rule the world!" Here is where the genius of the show lies: a human test subject along with puppets Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot harangue the film being screened while making hilariously cynical retorts to the awful turkey of a film. Most importantly, MST3K instills in its viewers a sense of ability to strike back at an oppressive society while reinforcing the age-old tradition of gathering around the TV to make sarcastic remarks at the screen.
Fighting back against the irrefutable pull of bad entertainment is something that even the refined media connoisseur struggles with. In a world where corporate superpowers force-feed consumers nothing but manufactured swill via their marketing through commercials and Total Request Live, it would seem that mere mortal citizens must put up with the status quo. It's truly a sad state of affairs when movies like Tomb Raider and pop artists like the Backstreet Boys continually top charts not due to any alleged or implied quality, but rather by the muscle of Madison Avenue alone inflicting the mindless surrender of hard-earned dollars upon millions of Americans. Like Dr. Forrester plotted, the media is unleashing massive amounts of cheese on an unwitting public that may eventually drive us to the breaking point and crush our souls, taking over the world in the process.
However, MST3K reminds and reiterates to us that it's okay to lash out against oppressive forces in our lives - the sub-par entertainment from the media or even the tedious work cruelly foisted upon us by our parents, teachers, and bosses - and many of us subsequently do so. Rather than take such punishment silently, MST3K inspires us to action with sharp tongues as weapons. Chris Cornell and Brian Henry wrote in their history of the show, "MST3K is a call to arms in a war most thinking people are waging every day: the battle against the mediocrity that floods our lives. MST3K is an object lesson, a demonstration that we don't have to - and shouldn't - passively accept the garbage we are spoon-fed on a daily basis. Indeed, the series places the 'bots and their human companion on the front lines of that battle. It's in this way that MST3K rises above mere heckling and becomes a compelling metaphor about fighting the good fight." So in our constant battles with higher forces in our lives, comedy can become our shielding and sarcastic wit our most powerful weapon when at war with that which would only bring us down.
Second, a philosophy of the series' creators was that the more people watched the show together, the funnier it became. The writers believed in this so much that they cut down on the regular number of 700 jokes per movie for the feature film MST3K: The Movie so that none of the riffs would be lost in the din of the crowd's laughter. The thought was this: if one person alone watches the show, they'll have a few good chuckles. But laughter is infectious and as more and more people watch MST3K together, the sometimes-esoteric references presented in the commentary will appeal to more viewers' pop- culture sensibilities and overlap, inducing more instances of laughter and at a greater intensity. Simply put, the Satellite of Love crew's jokes get funnier due to others finding the material to be humorous.
Members of one particular MST3K fan club, MSTies Anonymous of Colorado, have found this to be absolutely true each week when an episode of the series is watched as a group. MSTies Anonymous member Jean-Luc Romano said, "I used to think that no-one should ever talk during a movie. Later, I realized: hey, if we have more fun conversing during a movie, why be silent?" This hurling of their own insults at the screen by the audience is the true give and take of the series. The professionals, of course, offer an unrelenting barrage of witty banter that keeps viewers' sides splitting throughout the duration, encouraging them to watch other movies without the MST treatment and follow in the footsteps of the SOL crew. One unnamed MSTies Anonymous member said of bad movies, "I mock them more... now." Clearly, MST3K is reinforcing the traditional Saturday afternoon matinee movie heckling.
As most if not all MSTies have shared such experiences, they should easily be able to find that MST3K has empowered them to be able to fire off snide remarks when faced with ridiculous situations - even if not verbally - and make use of the skill when following in the 'bots footsteps and watching cheesy movies. The tradition always results in an enjoyable experience for all those involved. Indeed, as Karen Visoky of MSTies Anonymous found, "Bad is good! I had no idea how good! Better than 'Dinner and a Movie' - better than 'Roger Ebert at the Movies.' I needed a laugh, and got enough to last a week." Thanks, MST3K, for making us laugh about love... again.

MST3K Schedules

Sci-Fi Channel
{All times are Eastern and tentative}
11/24/01 - 9:00 am - 0912 Screaming Skull
12/01/01 - 9:00 am - 0901 Phantom Planet
12/08/01 - 9:00 am - 0820 Space Mutiny
12/15/01 - 9:00 am - 1001 Soultaker
12/22/01 - 9:00 am - 1009 Hamlet
12/29/01 - 9:00 am - 1010 It Lives By Night
01/05/02 - 9:00 am - 0822 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
01/12/02 - 9:00 am - 0910 Final Sacrifice
01/19/02 - 9:00 am - 0913 Quest of the Delta Knights
01/29/02 - 9:00 am - 0811 Parts: the Clonus Horror

Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO
{All times are Mountain and tentative, in the LSC Senate Chambers.}
11/30/01 - 7:00 pm - MST3K TURKEY
0321 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
701T Night of the Blood Beast
12/07/01 - 7:00 pm - 0521 Santa Claus

Classifieds 3000

pumaman@mac.com writes: "At Puma Man's MST3K Homepage, we currently feature 819 top-quality sounds, 647 pictures from 29 episodes, and a banner exchange, which now features over 15 members. So whether you're looking for sounds (one can hear complete host segments stream live), pictures, or look to promote your own site by joining the rapidly expanding MST3K Banner Exchange, hop on over to Puma Man's MST3K Site today. Also, however, on a slightly more serious note I would ask you to refrain from taking my pictures and using them on your website. Recently, I have seen a lot of this, and while I'm happy to provide some pictures, I would like it very much if you could contact me before you take the pictures. Who knows - perhaps we could create a deal for which I can provide you with exclusive pictures nowhere else to be seen on the web. But please, don't take my pictures! http://mst3000.virtualave.net"

eagle1@execpc.com writes: "I have MST tapes to trade! Whoo! My tapes are all recorded in SP, and they are complete (no missing host segments, etc.). They are of fairly good quality (ranging from C to B grades) I do not trade tapes which I deem to be below the C grade. Here is a list of what I have: 102 Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, 203 Jungle Goddess, 210 King Dinosaur, 307 Daddy-O, 312 Gamera vs. Guiron, 321 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, 403 City Limits, 408 Hercules Unchained, 416 Firemaidens of Outer Space, 421 Monster a Go-Go, 503 Swamp Diamonds, 504 Secret Agent Super Dragon, 510 Painted Hills, 521 Santa Claus, 601 Girls Town, 602 Invasion USA, 611 Last of the Wild Horses, 612 Starfighters, 615 Kitten With a Whip, 616 Racket Girls, 701 Night of the Blood Beast, and 702 Brute Man. I really, really, REALLY want to increase my collection! I have these tapes practically memorized at this point, and I need fresh episodes! I hope to trade with you (I REALLY do)!"

jenny@msties.com writes: "Hey, we are selling t-shirts for the show thet I help make. You don't have to buy, just check it out at http://www.cafepress.com/gigaweapon. More shirts to come soon."

benzierandy@hotmail.com writes: "Hello I am the Sitemaster for Robert Z'Dar's website. The link to his official site is www.zdar.com. I thought this might be of interest to you."

How You Can Contribute!

Members of MSTies Anonymous are always invited to contribute MST-related articles to this newsletter, plug their MST3K activities/sites/etc. in the Classifieds 3000, or even start up a regular column of their own! Stuck for ideas on what to write about? Try the following...

#(8)o Biography of a Brain
#(8)o MST ASCII art
#(8)o Short MSTings of a Usenet posts
#(8)o Any episode/season review
#(8)o 'Bot building experiences
#(8)o MST event experiences
#(8)o Turn your favorite newspaper article into your own about MST
#(8)o Gateway Con
#(8)o Tape trading trials and tribulations
#(8)o MST site development hell
#(8)o Old series war tales

The SOL Post is published each month on the 15th, so all items to be published are due on the 14th. Write early, and write often! Huzzah!


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