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Volume 58 http://www.msties.com/ Jul/Aug 2001
Formerly The MSTies Anonymous Newsletter: News for the Obscure Convergence

MSTies Invade Gateway 3

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From the Poobah
"Jenny For Your Thoughts" by jenny@msties.com
"Better 'Bots and Satellites" by bill@msties.com
August/September MST3K Schedules
Classifieds 3000
How You Can Contribute!

From the Poobah

Small issue this month as I'm fresh back from Gateway in St. Louis and am wiped out from the trip, what with carrying Crow around all weekend in hundred-degree heat and all. I'll have pictures up from both last weekend's convention and last month's little NYC shindig up eventually, so sit tight and I'll post 'em on www.msties.com before you know it. In the meantime, enjoy this month's newsletter and see how you can contribute to the next issue.

"Jenny For Your Thoughts" by jenny@msties.com

Hey, I'm back from my trip and I had great time. You should have been there. Not only did I get to meet Dr. F and TV's Frank, but also Battlestar Galactica's Jack Stauffer AKA Bojay, and Ted Ramis from SeaQuest and Xena.

Well, we got to the hotel and not much happened before the opening ceremonies. But I did get to meet up with the handsome MSTAnon with his even lovelier Crow. There was open MSTing to "This Island Earth." The fire alarm went off shortly afterwards because of cigarette on the 5th floor. I saw Trace just hanging out by the cars.

The next day was when all the fun happened. First up was Scotty. James Doohan was a nice old guy -- went off-track a couple of times -- but nice. He charged $20 per autograph. I got one and had my picture taken with him, and he told me "I liked to be hugged." So I hugged him. I HUGGED SCOTTY!

Next was MST3K Q&A and an autograph session. I got Trace and Franks' autographs and also got to hug them, too. I HUGGED DR. F AND FRANK!

Then there was of course the costume contest. I went as Mr. B Natural from the MST3K short of the same name. People loved my costume, but a few thought I was the Pied Piper. I saw Frank and talked with him in the hallway beforehand. I found out that they were not judging the contest, but would get a picture with me in my outfit later. So the contest came and I didn't win anything, which was sad. But I got my picture again with Trace and Frank in my outfit! Beez McKeever (former Prop Diva for BBI) was there and I got my picture with her. She liked it and said I should have won. Then there was the dance and I danced the night away.

The next day was last Q&A and not many people asked questions. So some guy in French hat and I tied for the most questions asked. Later I won a copy of Terminator 2 in a raffle. I'm going to sell it. Anyways, it was a great trip.

"Better 'Bots and Satellites" by bill@msties.com

The Staff of BB&S are taking a well-earned sabbatical, and after a slight repast, and maybe even a longer respite, we hope to be back fit as a fiddle and ready for love... clean, Christian love.

August/September MST3K Schedules

Sci-Fi Channel
{All times are Eastern and tentative}
08/04/01 - 10:00 am - 1010 It Lives By Night
08/11/01 - 10:00 am - 0816 Prince of Space
08/18/01 - 10:00 am - 1002 Girl in Gold Boots
08/25/01 - 10:00 am - 0911 Devil Fish

Montevallo, AL
{All times are Central and tentative, at Gwen Cupp's House unless noted}
07/28/01 - TIME TBA - Planet of the Apes at theater; ask
08/10/01 - 07:00 pm - 0512 Mitchell
08/24/01 - 07:00 pm - MST3K Pot Luck with Shorts, Host Segments, and more...

Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO
{All times are Mountain and tentative, in the LSC Senate Chambers.}
08/24/01 - 07:00 pm - 0506 Eegah
08/31/01 - 07:00 pm - EPISODE TBA

Classifieds 3000

mjogurt@hotmail.com writes: "MST3K fan site and tape trading. Hundreds of great sounds and pictures. I'm new at tape trading and looking to start up the collection of the greatest show around. http://tapevault.tripod.com"

How You Can Contribute!

Members of MSTies Anonymous are always invited to contribute MST-related articles to this newsletter, plug their MST3K activities/sites/etc. in the Classifieds 3000, or even start up a regular column of their own! Stuck for ideas on what to write about? Try the following...

#(8)o Biography of a Brain
#(8)o MST ASCII art
#(8)o Short MSTings of a Usenet posts
#(8)o Any episode/season review
#(8)o 'Bot building experiences
#(8)o MST event experiences
#(8)o Turn your favorite newspaper article into your own about MST
#(8)o Gateway Con
#(8)o Tape trading trials and tribulations
#(8)o MST site development hell
#(8)o Old series war tales

The SOL Post is published each month on the 15th, so all items to be published are due on the 14th. Write early, and write often! Huzzah!


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The Poobah
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