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Volume 33 - http://www.mindspring.com/~mstanon/ - April 1999
Formerly The MSTies Anonymous Newsletter: News for the Obscure Convergence


In This Issue

From the Poobah
"The Poison Pen" by gherity@tcfreenet.org
"MSTable Movies" by RMichel424@aol.com
"Jenny For Your Thoughts" by S364128@urgrgcc.edu
"Better 'Bots and Satellites" by bgibron@yahoo.com
"Call Me Ishmael" by bobishmael@sciti.com
April MSTie of the Month: hquiej@netwood.net
May MST3K Schedule on SFC
Classifieds 3000

From the Poobah

After last month's lengthy rant, I'll keep this month's entry short. As we all saw 1001 Soultaker last Sunday (or will catch the rerun), we can trust that the Brains did a good job with Season 10 if it's any indication. Production has wrapped at BBI and all that's left to do for MST3K there is post-production and Info Club management. Hopefully, the Brains are beginning the creative process anew.
And just as the Brains make a large transition to who-knows-what, I'll soon be graduating from high school and will most likely be moving the site to either the college server or to our own domain name. Which would you guys prefer? Also, what would you like to see on the new version of the site after the move? It's time to start thinking about a new site layout, though it will most likely be rather similar to the current one. So, get your ideas in.
On that note, one of the oldest things on the site right now is... the logo. After over two years, it's time for a new one. Just like last time, all graphic artists are welcome to submit their prospective MSTies Anonymous logo to be voted upon by the members. Just a few requirements: it must include the phrases "MSTies Anonymous" with subtitle "The Obscure Convergence", include the MST3K planet logo somewhere, and be opaque with a transparent background. So get going! Entries are due on Friday, May 14th, 1999.
Hmm, what else... Oh, right. Keep on playing Jeopardy!-esque MST3K Trivia for your chance to win the MST Rhino tape of your choice. Round 2 starts on May 1st. Ask some more questions of the staff to be answered here! Write some stuff for this newsletter; don't be shy. Keep watching MST3K and uh, keep the faith. Or something like that. Well, I said I'd keep it short. I was wrong. On to your questions...

jazz@blatt.org asks: "I wasn't sure whom else to ask. I am curious as to what episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 it was I was watching that they had the line 'girl = dumb.' I laughed so hard. I am just dying to find the episode again, or at least the sound byte for it."

booboo@davesworld.net says: "The answer to the question that jazz@blatt.org posed about the 'girl = dumb' statement, is the following. 'Woman equals dumb' was said by Mike in 807 Terror From the Year 5000."

gherity@tcfreenet.org asks: "What MST3K episode did the phrase 'that was disturbing' which is in your signature come from? Just curious... ^_^ "

MSTAnon says: "Like the quote from Brak of Cartoon Planet fame, my third quote is not from MST3K at all. In fact, it comes from the anime cartoon series Pokémon (see last month's 'MSTable Movies'). When Team Rocket puts on a horrific display acting as Pikachu's cheerleaders, Brock responds with that line. It's the funniest and most demented moment in the series, IMHO. Of course, any astute signature reader will notice something about my selection of quotes... They're from Brak, Brack, and Brock. Any similarity with persons living or dead is entirely coincidental."

"The Poison Pen" by gherity@tcfreenet.org

Yes, it's me, the returning thorn in the side of monotony. I've been here since XBAND (Rest in pieces! Hahaha!), been a fan since KTMA, and I'm here to stay as long as MSTAnon exists! Muhahahahaaa!

Ahem, on our subject, even though I'm dreading writing this, I'm looking forward to the end game season of MST3K, which has seen quite a run on our televisions, and in our hearts. I've been here since I was 12 (yes, 12!) and I've laughed all the way to this decision point: should I join the fight to keep MST3K going, which is a futile effort? (Like trying to bring back Star Trek: The Next Generation.) Or await the next new Best Brains production? I will do the wait and see thing. I'll cry on the last episode, just as I did on B5's end, and look forward to the future. I'm proud that a Minneapolis- produced series has gone this far, and I place it up there with Red Dwarf in my own humble opinion. It's been great. ^_^ Hi-Keeba!

To all the fans out there: Keep the lights on; the 'Bots are comin' home!

"MSTable Movies" by RMichel424@aol.com

Kids of the Round Table (1995)
This movie comes to us from those people at Disney. I caught most of it, but not all. I did manage to get the gist of it. A young boy by the name of Alex, who I would guess is around ten to eleven years old, is the main character of this story. Alex and his friends have a club where they act like Knights of the Round Table. They wear football pads converted to look like suits of armor with the aid of tin foil and cardboard. A bully comes and scares the rest of the kids off. Alex retaliates by throwing a water balloon at the bully. The bully chases after Alex through the woods. Alex trips and falls down a hill and discovers Excaliber, Arthur's legendary sword. He manages to pull it out of the stone. Suddenly, Merlin, played by Malcolm McDowell, arrives and tells him that he must learn to be just and kind to hold on to the sword. The boy tries to do good and goes to the forest to learn from Merlin. Soon a new boy named Luke move into town. Alex and Luke become friends. Alex finds out that the girl, Jenny, who he has a crush on, really has a crush on Luke. Alex loses his temper and in a jealous rage punches Luke. Jenny tells Alex she hates him now. Alex loses Excaliber because of his jealousy. Meanwhile in plot B, the bully's father, Butch Scarsdale, played by Michael Ironsides, and two of his friends plan to rob the bank. A few days later, the guys rob the bank, and head to the sheriff's house to hold his family hostage and wait for him to return home so they can use him to get through all the roadblocks. Little do they know that his daughter, Alex's dream girl, is having a birthday party. The crooks are surprised to see that the house is full of kids and hold the entire party hostage. Alex decides to go and apologize to Luke and Jenny. He finds the crooks holding everyone hostage so he decides to do what he can to help take care of the bad guys. First, he lets all the air out of the tires to the crooks' car with his knife. I was thinking, why not use the blade and just slash them. Later he gets one of them to investigate him hiding out in the barn. He uses a snare to capture the bad guy before he knocks him out with a shovel. The next guy is lured over to the boy and falls into a lower level room that is locked. The boy makes it into the house and calls the police. He gets caught and is taken hostage as Butch tries to escape. The cops show up after the leader crashes and the kids pelt him with apples. Alex throws one that hits Butch in the groin. Merlin later tells Alex that he doesn't need the sword, because the true power is in one's heart. It ends with another kid pulling out the sword. PA-THET-IC.

Wing Commander (1999)
A lame movie based on the hit computer game.

Doug's First Movie (1999), Rugrats (1998)
I cannot stand any of the cartoons from Nickelodeon. I feel that cartoons this crappy deserve the old MST treatment.
PS: Catdog is a rip off of a MST invention. It is the opposite of Dr. F's Double Butt Graft. For his project at Evil Oaks he grafted the butt of a cat to the butt of a dog. Catdog is the front halves of a cat and a dog grafted together in the middle. Now that seems a little too much like the double butt graft. One question, how the heck does it go to the bathroom?

Baby Geniuses (1999) A Look Who's Talking clone about little babies and their secret language. Ick.

"Jenny For Your Thoughts" by S364128@urgrgcc.edu

Okay, episode 1001 was great. It was beyond great. By judging from the first episode, this season of MST3K is off to a good start. Before I start telling about my impressions of new episode let me give you an idea of where I was when I watched it. I was sitting in my dorm room in my PJ on my bed. Anticipating the new show, I clutched my remote in one hand. On edge of my seat waiting for the stupid Sci-Fi 2.0 commercial to be over with, it finally came on. I was drooling when saw new theme song and after the first host segment was on floor in fascination. As commercials came I softly muttered the words, "Beautiful, so beautiful," and knew that my long wait was worth it.

Now about the show. First the movie was bad and I really do think that Joe Estevez and the Estevez clan have made more bad movies than John Agar and Roger Corman. It was great see Joel again and he does look good in a goatee. I just want know why he didn't come aboard the SOL in first host segment or in the theater. I was a little disappointed that Joel didn't come aboard until the fourth host segment and wouldn't allow Mike and 'Bots to come with him. Come on, they could have come up with a better excuse than, "It will make man out you." They could have added that there was only room for one person on Joel's ship. But other than that I was pleased with Joel's performance.

I hope Joel did fix Gypsy. I didn't like her mean, crabby and a potty mouth. I mean we already have one crabby woman one the show, Pearl. We don't need two. Gypsy did come up with some funny lines while she was mean. My favorite was, "Jump up my tube, white boy." Me, I like Gypsy nice and sweet. I did like the scene in the theater when Crow had to wash out his eyes and miss the slow undressing scene. Man, could that have gone any slower? And what gives with Mom peeping? I having seen a mother bathroom scene more disturbing since the movie "Psycho."

And of course the best for last, the performance by TV's Frank was flawless. It made me miss that guy. Let me tell you I would rather get my soul stolen by Frank than Joe Estevez any old day. I was laughing my butt off when they played ring toss with Bobo's soul. I only wish Frank would come back in the next episode and stay in Castle Forrester. But maybe a little of something is better than a lot of something. It's just that I miss Frank. Anyway, that is my review of episode 1001. If you did anything special for the premiere episode or want make comments of your own, write me at S36418@urgrgcc.edu and I'll put them in my next column. Or as always, no one will respond and I will write about whatever the heck I want. Until then, keep on trying to save MST!

"Better 'Bots and Satellites" by bgibron@yahoo.com

Vol. 1 Issue 9
Meet the SOLeatles: It’s Only a Northern Minnesota Song.

A great debate rages on, one that seems to infect the feeble brains of the wounded populace like a rash and grows more painful and scaly as each year trundles by. Since that fateful day in 1970, when four tired and disgruntled English chaps called it quits and de-evolved into the timeline laps of those legendary weird pop culture sisters, Woulda, Coulda and Shoulda, an empty and aching globe has sought long and hard to locate that elusive panacea, that sacred heart of rock and roll, that 'next big thing'. Time itself seems to stop whenever someone announces that the latest incarnation of the Liverpool Lads has been discovered, even if all they truly turn out to be are talentless lip synchers, or retro-plagiarists who rob meter to pay the pallbearer. Anyone remember Klaatu? (Not of 'Baratta Niktoo' fame) Of course not. Aside from one minor pop hit, "Sub Rosa Subway", (an ode to a vacuum tube underground railway system) and allowing the ever thinning Karen Carpenter to cover their "Calling Occupants" (of interplanetary crap!) they are merely a swampfoot note in the history of misdirected attempts at re-inventing the unre-inventable. After all, any band with a song called "Anus from Uranus" has a vague understanding of their place in the lexicon of euphony lore (Right down below Disco Tex and the Sexolettes).
The list of pretenders to the throne is as painful and cracked as the furrows in Keith Richard's leathery brow. The Knack belted out "My Sharona" and people thought it was 1963 all over again. They could hear a monotone and joyless Ed Sullivan proclaim the official end of rock and roll's infancy as a stark stage was illuminated with genius. Unfortunately, the only genius in Doug Felder's brain was the ability to turn a two-chord dirge into a multi- platinum pop smash. Duran Duran came across as fey hairdressers on fire, and purred through such closeted classics as "The Union of the Snake" and "The Reflex" and walls were decorated in Norwegian wood all over again. The mind recalled innocent experimentation with 'herbal remedies' and the first time a guitar emulated backwards through your Close-and-Play. Unfortunately, the only thing backwards about Duran Duran (aside from their views on heterosexuality) was the belief that they were more than a Mother's Day makeover at the Clinique counter for Aunt Helga.
As the end of the century limps to a disgruntled close, we have thrust the 'moptop' moniker on all types of musical abominations. Three young men/girls bleat out some nonsensical syllables in a pre-pubescent squelch that sounds like a sick underdeveloped goat with adenoids and we proclaim Hanson pure pop for now people. More like pure poop. Five curious male impersonators drive homely girls from the wrong side of the cliques onto the road to sexual nowhere with their scum hither looks and total body shaving and we hail these Backstreet Boys as a Fab Four for the millennium. More like the scab four. And there are five of them. Learn to count! Oasis? Yeah, I've been to the Oasis. Twice. To get rid of four kinks in my back! N'Sync? N'STINK!
Let Better 'Bots and Satellites show you the way (and let's leave Peter Frampton out of this all together. About the only thing to 'come alive' in his incredibly shrinking career is the shame induced by VH-1 replays of his painful starring role in 1978's 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. With the Bee Gees...ARRGGHH!!!). Every MSTie knows that its wasn't 1975, or 1982, but 1988 when history repeated itself. Launched on American (or better yet, Minnesota television) for a grateful 50 mile radius to witness, a new mania was born. No, it was not Beatle-mania, (the phenomenon, not the atrocious stage 'recreation' musical), Weeble-mania (they passed as the whole Fisher Price learning toy era mutated into the emerging homo-erotic action figure genre) or Webloes-mania (don't EVEN get me started on this). It was not phony, as a certain J. Strummer from the Clash would have us believe, nor was it merely a harmonious hack job, like, say Julian Lennon. As the screen faded and the white letters scrolled across a black background, the chords and voice for a new generation, and for generations to come, proclaimed the good news. KTMA acted as midwife as Mystery Science Theater 3000 was born, and a truly gifted Gab Four were introduced to the world. We bore witness to the Birth of the SOLeatles. John, Paul, George and Ringo, meet Crow, Joel, Gypsy, and Servo. Let's get to know them:
Crow (Ono Lennon Winston) T. Robot - if ever there was an ersatz leader of this motley gang of four it would have to be the one, the only, the true Mr. T. With his wise-ass cracking and his command of the verbal lexicon, this is one cybernetic life-force with a hard drive of his own. Like his Liverpuddlian soul mate, the Crowster is not limited to the professional skills of his known trade. Like the genius Lennon before him, he foraged into writing, creating his own 'Spaniard in the Works' called 'Earth vs. Soup'. Or who will ever forget the 'In His Own Write' of 'Peter Graves at the University of Minnesota'. Crow, like the granny glassed one, also branched out into film, making startling appearances in the documentary 'What About Women?' and weaving his thespian spell in his most demanding role as hyperactive burn victim in an America's Goofiest Home Video segment.
Joel (Mc) Hodgson; also known as the cute one, the sentimental one, and the one with the dead talentless wife (I think...). As alabaster to Crow's onyx, as Jeff to his Mutt, Frick to his Frack (or maybe its the other way around), Joel is the spiritual strength and light of the SOLeatles. Like Sir Duke Honorable Paul McCartney Esquire Ishkabibble, Joel is seen as the one who took the SOLeatles from their humble Cavern-like puppet show roots and thrusting them into the massive media spotlight of basic cable. Joel, like Paul, was also the first to leave his group, or actually, have his leaving thrust upon him. Joel attempted several solo projects, like 'TV Wheel' and 'Statical Planets', but like his well-worn Winged counterpart, he never achieved the success he found as a member of the legendary super-group. Still, when one hears the peppy tones of the theme song, or recalls the sleepy, whimsical quips pouring from his lips, one truly knows what it sounds like when beloveds crack wry.
Gypsy (The Quiet One): George Harrison played guitar and wrote a few songs. Gypsy runs the ship and occasionally joins in the lampoonery. Without Harrison, the Beatles would have been less professional, less adventurous and less ethereal. Without Gypsy, the SOLeatles would have less life support systems, less on board computing power and fuller load pans. Mr. George brought a Zen-like evenness to the occasionally tumultuous relationship between Lennon and McCartney. Gypsy brings a hen-like mothering to all the occupants of the ship. Harrison had one bright shiny musical moment (you choice here). Gypsy has one too, in the form of "Gypsy Rose, Me!" her one woman/robot show.
Tom (Starkey) Servo: Oddly enough, there are 2 Tom Servo's just as there are 2 drummers in the history of the Fab Four. Pete Best began as the rock steady skin skimmer for the Beatles and was sacked (and financially destined to the dole) as the group broke big. The older, wiser (if slightly goofier) Ringo replaced him. Tom began life as a high-pitched, mango juice loving babe magnet. Then without warning (or with the application of screwdriver to voice controller by Joel) he became the deeper, bolder (if slightly goofier) Servo. Like Ringo, Tom has always been picked out as the good-natured, life loving, joyful member of the SOLeatles. Voice full of tenor character and baritone buffoonery, he is both trendsetter and poseur, fashion maven and demon, gumball machine and fully articulated robot (if you don't count his non- functional arms and limited Hoverskirt abilities). While the other members of the SOLeatles seemed to lose, or even divested themselves of their familiar trappings, TS seems consistently wrapped in them, ready to throw himself heartily into any fracas and, hopefully, coming out the fave rave.
Like their English counterparts, it is the music that matter when thoughts of the SOLeatles come to mind. Music and mayhem, that controlled ability to create melodic harmony out of discordant chaos. No genre was too obscure for the Gizmonics Gang. Country and/or western? You betcha. The Lowland Shim? Absolutely. No Wave and Blank Generation rants against society and all that it stands for? Well, let's not get carried away now. Still, one knows exactly where one was, when they turned on the television and saw and heard the carrion call to a new power generation. As synsonic drums belted out the Lord have mercy beat, and guitars waxed and waned, the youth of a nation were called to serve in the Farce Army as the quick tempo blasts of "Sidehackin'" molded an entire era. Everywhere, teens threw off the shackles of Ant Music, the cackles of Cindy Lauper and the shingles of Madonna, and prayed for the time when they could attach a 'side' to their 'hack' and live the life they love, with a little luck.
Or what about the trend setting and levy breaking fashion misstatement that was "The Pants-Up Song"? Less a call to arms than an excuse to go high water, "Pants Up" created a global phenomenon. Adolescents everywhere wore their pants lofty and tight, becoming hipsters, literally and figuratively. No longer the realm of the Jerry Lewii and the Steve Urkels, the exposure of ones ankles to the sun was seen as a proclamation as rebellious and loud as the Tibetan Monk who doused himself with gasoline and immolated himself to stop the war in Vietnam. It's all about pleats, you see. Pleats and love. All we were saying was give pleats a chance! Still, not every song the SOLeatles created was so strident in its political stance or brazen in its counter cultural motives. In the tender tunes, the love ballads like "Creepy Girl" and "Tibby, My Tibby", the group showed it could, and often would, get in touch with its ultra-femmy side. Love may have 'padded' the film, but it also radiated out like Oxy-10 at a Marilyn Manson concert. Buried deep within each pantheon to "Estelle", or lyrical ode to "Kim Cattrall", the message is as clear as cranberry sauce; all you need is like.
Toward the end, the SOLeatles really hit their symphonic stride. Moving away from the simple 3-minute pop ditty and into a more introspective and interpersonal song style, the legendary foursome began experimenting with odd time signatures and obtuse instrumentation, along with the odd Hamdinger and all night root beer jags. Before long, they found themselves working in a longer, more varied format. It was during this feverish and throbbing time that they created what most consider to be their magnum opus. Taking a cue from side 2 (or CD tracks 9 - 16 for those of you born post-analog) of the Beatles swan song, 'Abbey Road', the SOLeatles wove several songs together to form a cohesive whole. Just like the hair on William Shatner's head. The result of this happy misadventure was the "Hired Song Cycle". Beginning with "I'm Hired", and moving through "No!" and "Zeroes" the competitiveness and failure of door-to-door selling is dramatized with bathos humor and pathos harmony. Call it Mirth of a Salesman. As the crescendo builds and the images become more vivid, the duet "I Suck at My Job" brings us to the brink of musical ecstasy. And as with the last full LP by the Beatles, the MST version of "The End", otherwise known as Commercial Sign, brings the whole matter to a stark, yet semi-romantic conclusion. Call it the last great concept host segment.
Unfortunately, after that, the SOLeatles found themselves on different plains of existence. Joel took off for the tranquillity and wallabies of the Australian outback, and it wasn't long before Crow, ALA David "I used to be cool but now I am crud" Byrne, was trying out a new voice that had many confused, and still others pining for the Robot of jesterday. It seems hard now to comprehend just what kind of impact the SOLeatles had on the culture. During their heyday, you could not enter a movie theater without hearing the ranting of patrons, all taking back to the screen in an attempt to ape their heroes. Cornjob and Dickweed were the catchphrases du jour, and Hi-Keeba! and Huzzah! the exclamations of insubordination. As with most things, even the SOLeatles were sullied by the obsessions of those with too much time and too little parental guidance. Like Cousin Dell in 'Wild at Heart', the mentally unhinged found hidden messages and evil directives in the most plaintive and derivative SOLeatle lyric. A postal clerk in Jamestown, Pennsylvania heard the lamentations of Crow and Tom in the randy "Gypsy Moons" and took it as a signal to blow up a bridge. A pale, bloated young deviant in Charleston, South Carolina heard the gentle lilting of the "Godzilla Genealogy Bop" and took it as a directive to stalk Esther Rolle. And lets not talk about the cult in Southern California who took the various parts of the "Fugitive Alien Medley" and created from them a quasi-religion/feed store, based on the ascension of the Starwolf and the second coming of Captain Joe.
Still, the legend will live on. Aging women with more miles on them than a VW van will still argue who was the cutest SOLeatle (and Joel will still win). Critics and scholars will still argue about the intricacy of Crow's guitar fingering, Servo's accented drum triplets on the right tom-tom and Joel's mastery of the porkorina. Ice will still be broken with such lines as "where were you when you first heard "Gamera"?" or "Remember when we necked to the "Sandy Frank Song"?" The passage of time will do nothing to dampen the ardor of the die hard fan, and every day, a new generation of admirer is hooked, hearing "A Clown in the Sky" for the first time and having that missing segment of their personality puzzle finally discovered. And as usual, it will turn out to be some weird, multifaceted piece with too much flesh and not enough trees that you picked up 6 other times but were convinced would not fit in the slot. Oh well.
As long as we have memories, the SOLeatles are alive and well. Its almost like they never left. Its like they are still around. Like they are still a part of each and every one of us. Its almost like a new version of the classic formula appears twice a week on a science fiction oriented basic cable channel. Maybe, one day, no one will remember the SOLeatles. When you mention "We're a Danger To Ourselves and Others", the listener will get a queer look on his face and say something like "speak for yourself, you loony". Kenny and Itchy and Trumpy will go the way of Manny, Moe and Jack, and only a precious few will remember that, once, upon this planet, a truly great thing existed, a thing that brought together people of all races, colors and preference in the communal good of merriment. Someone said it best; "And in the end, the laugh you make, is equal to the laugh you take." Rock is dead. Long live the SOLeatles.

"Call Me Ishmael" by bobishmael@sciti.com

So Happy Together/So Unhappy Together

Imagine Season 11, I do
I think about it all day
I can't say
Why Bonnie cancelled our Puppet-Show
"It's Gotta Go!"
So unhappy together.

Ohmigawd, it's gone... What will I do
On Sunday
I could watch the wall
Or shine my shoes
On Sunday

If I should talk to Hammer
What would she say
She'd say, "That I have no taste."
But, I can't allay
Thoughts of a network graced
So unhappy together

Ohmigawd, it's gone... What will I do
On Sunday
I could watch the wall
Or shine my shoes
On Sunday

And Sci-Fi
Two years they got along, but
One had to die
Turned out to be our Puppet-Show
It makes me sigh
So unhappy together

April MSTie of the Month: hquiej@netwood.net

Name: Guillermo Quiej (pronounced kee-egh)
Nicknames: Hquiej, MST Manos
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. (more specifically, in Cheviot Hills)
Birthdate: September 22, 1984
First MST3K Exposure: Christmas of '94 (Unknown episode, since I only saw a host segment)
First MST3K Episode: 106 Crawling Hand (Turkey Day '95)
First Full MST3K Episode: 512 Mitchell
Favorite Character: Crow
Other Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, That 70's Show, Dennis Miller Live, Drew Carey Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK and US), and pro wrestling. Usually I use the computer or just sleep with my spare time.
Favorite Movies: They've all gone sour nowadays.
Hobbies: Using the computer, watching TV, sleeping, buying stuff with whatever money I may have, and going to school.
MST Posessions: The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide. That's about it. I really need a job.
Info Club Member #66564
Enough info: Sure! There's nothing more I can tell you, anyway. :-)

May MST3K Schedule on SFC

North America
{All times are Eastern and tentative}
05/01/99 - 11:00 am - [1004] Future War
05/02/99 - 11:00 pm - [1005] Blood Waters of Dr. Z
05/08/99 - 11:00 pm - [1005] Blood Waters of Dr. Z
05/09/99 - 11:00 pm - [1006] Boggy Creek II
05/15/99 - 11:00 am - [1006] Boggy Creek II
05/16/99 - 11:00 pm - [0813] Jack Frost
05/22/99 - 11:00 am - [0820] Space Mutiny
05/23/99 - 11:00 pm - [0802] Leech Woman
05/29/99 - 11:00 am - [0821] Time Chasers
05/30/99 - 11:00 pm - [0801] Revenge of the Creature

Europe and Africa
{All times are Greenwich and very tentative}
01/05/99 - 24.00 - [813] Jack Frost
02/05/99 - 14.00 - [813] Jack Frost
08/05/99 - 24.00 - [815] Agent for H.A.R.M.
09/05/99 - 14.00 - [815] Agent for H.A.R.M.
15/05/99 - 24.00 - [816] Prince of Space
16/05/99 - 14.00 - [816] Prince of Space
22/05/99 - 24.00 - [817] Horror of Party Beach
23/05/99 - 14.00 - [817] Horror of Party Beach
29/05/99 - 24.00 - [818] Devil Doll
30/05/99 - 14.00 - [818] Devil Doll

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