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SOL Post 12 09/15/97
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MSTies Anonymous Newsletter
News for the Obscure Convergence
Internet Edition - Volume 11

In This Issue

From the Zen Psycho
"Is MST3K Still Art? Part 2" by Cool6000@juno.com
"Lesser Character Options" by wolffen@snip.net
"Minnesota: Home of 1,000 Lakes and One Cool TV Show!" by S364128@urgrgcc.edu
"Cornjob's Corner" by Cornjob@hotmail.com
September MST3K Schedule on SFC

From the Zen Psycho

It's all quiet on the western front. Too quiet. And just when my reflexes were getting rusty. MST3K is signed up for a ninth season. Hooray! Is anybody listening?

"Is MST3K Still Art? Part 2" by Cool6000@juno.com

Last month I asked you if MST3k is still art. Here's The response:

Has MST3k gone commercial? Hmmm, good question. I have to say no because they're just doing what they have to survive. I mean, let's face it the world is mostly commercial marketing and selling stuff to others. To get noticed you have to do some advertising and marketing. If you don't, then your dead. What is art really? To some people commercials are art. Just check out the super bowl commercials. There's a great example on how sponsors pay big bucks to get people to notice their stuff. Yes MST has gone more commercial, but they haven't sold out completely. Which I must say is not only good, but an accomplishment.

"Lesser Character Options" by wolffen@snip.net

Hi folks. Let's face it, even though we don't like to admit it a lot of us regard Cambot and Gypsy as lesser characters. It is mainly because they don't have big roles. They are only acknowledged during Robot Roll Call and some host segments. What if Cambot used his voice during the movie and host segments (he does have a voice contrary to what everyone says, he uses it during Robot Roll Call), or if Gypsy watched the movie. After all, there are more than three theater seats. And there are a bunch of character story options for host segments, like what if the bots' old parts (how they looked in KTMA) somehow became reactivated and they were the evil clones, and what about a dark Servo or Gypsy (from the time that she went into the theater). And what if some former stars made cameos? Well that's it for my part, Pearl will be calling soon and I have a feeling that she's gonna send me Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Well this is reeling (movie reel that is) writer Joseph Wolff signing off.

"Minnesota: Home of 1,000 Lakes and One Cool TV Show!" by S364128@urgrgcc.edu

For as long as I can remember, my family and I have gone up Minneapolis, St. Paul in Minnesota for every summer vacation. So I understand some Minnesota jokes in MST3K. Personally, I worry about people who name their state bird the loon. For anyone who has not been to Minnesota, I suggest renting "Fargo." I will also share my Minnesotan memoirs. (Warning! In this article there are some Minnesota/family expressions. I have defined all them at the end this article.)
The one thing I always did was go boating on my grandfather boat in Weaver lake, one of the many lakes they have there If we did catch any fish we had to throw it back, no one want to ride home with a dead fish or eat it. We also went fishing off the dock but the only thing we really did was feed the sunfish and carpeis(1). In the boat, no matter how much I tried to protect myself, I got bugged or burned(2). I heard of this one guy who got bugged and burned(2) in the same spot. Uffda(3)!
One year my sister and I went agoit(4) hunting. We thought agoits(4) were really cool until we got home and through them out. Then there was the summer that my family and I went to a state fair. I don't know what sadder about a state fair: the whole event or the people who look forward to it. For anyone who hasn't been to one just watch "A Day at the Fair." When we went to the fair we spent 4 hours in bumper to bumper dead stop traffic. Right then, I wanted to leave. We just walked around. The most exciting thing I saw was one those fancy sand castles. The rest of my memories I have blocked out so I can go on with my life.
I know I sound mean and slamming but only because I care and can. I do love Minnesota and my relives but I'm sure glad that I'm just visiting. The best thing about a vacation is coming home.

  1. Carpeis- small fish that lives near the dock.
  2. Bugged or burned- to get bitten by mosquitoes or burned by the sun.
  3. Uffda! a Norwegian expression that means "Oh, God!" or "Dammit!"
  4. Agoits- a small orange or red rock. They do look pretty.

"Cornjob's Corner" by Cornjob@hotmail.com

Hello again folks! Let's get started, shall we?


"Ok, I know it's just show, but when did the SOL get the ability to blow up a planet? I'm talking about when Mike blew up the Brain Guy's planet. The ape planet was blown up by a bomb down there and the camping planet was blow up by a baking soda bomb. But the Brain Guy's planet was destroyed by the SOL. How?
Blown Up in Bombay

Well, Blown Up,
That's not really an advice question, but I'll try to field it anyway. Well you see it was the Nanite's doing when the Observers' planet got blown up after Mike ordered the "#7." And well, the Nanites have never ceased to amaze us, so I guess it's possible for them to destroy a planet from the SOL. However, it was never really made clear of how exactly it was done. My best guess would be that the the Nanites constructed either a bomb or some sort of large gun of some sort. Actually during that time I thought I heard the faint sound of a laser. So maybe that's what happened. I guess it will always be a mystery unless the Brains actually come forward and tell us what happened.


C'mon, people, send your MST related questions to me, cornjob@hotmail.com, and I'll try my best to answer them to the best ability I can.

Thank you all, and please bring a dish to pass next time.

September MST3K Schedule on SFC

(All times Eastern and are subject to change)
Airdate Time ### Episode
9/06 5:00 PM 817 Horror of Party Beach
9/06 11:00 PM 817 Horror of Party Beach
9/13 5:00 PM 805 The Thing That Couldn't Die
9/13 11:00 PM 805 The Thing That Couldn't Die
9/27 5:00 PM 804 The Deadly Mantis
9/27 11:00 PM 804 The Deadly Mantis


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