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MSTies Anonymous Newsletter 8 05/15/97
MSTies Anonymous Newsletter 7 04/15/97
MSTies Anonymous Newsletter 6 03/15/97

MSTies Anonymous Newsletter
News for the Obscure Convergence
Internet Edition - Volume 7

In This Issue

"What? Who? Me?" by Cool6000@juno.com
"MSTic Uprising" by mstanon@msties.com
"Untitled" by Rmichel424@aol.com
"Assorted Ramblings" by Servo10081@aol.com
April MSTie of the Month: ASTONE@st1.wosc.osshe.edu
May MST3K schedule on SFC
From Lord Zen

"What? Who? Me?" by Cool6000@juno.com

Greetings, MiSTiES!! My name is Mud. But you will soon come to know me as Lord Zen. I'm the new Co-leader of MSTies Anonymous. How can you tell if you're a MiSTaholic? Here are the warning signs:

10. Your entire CD collection consists of 87 different versions of the MST theme song.
9. You frequently get arrested for breaking into Trace Bellieau's house.
8. When you're at work, and it's break-time, you have the overwhelming impulse to say "OH NO, WE'VE GOT MOVIE SIGN!!!"
7. Visitors always get lost in your 8 door entry way.
6. Your high school science teacher looks uncannily like Dr. Forrester.
5. The only thing hanging in your closet is your one spare green jumpsuit.
4. Your entire video collection is a bunch of "cheesy movies."
3. Every single entry in your date book reads: "In the not-too-distant future."
2. On Christmas Eve, you get visions of Tom Servos dancing in your head.
1. Your hairdo makes you look a little bit too much like Crow.

If you experience any or all of these symptoms, I urge you to seek help immediately. Or join MSTies Anonymous.

"MSTic Uprising" by mstanon@msties.com

It was an unlikely place for a MST fan club to surface, but it did just that on the XBAND Video Game Network in the Fall of 1995. Torgo had based his handle on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and was approached by a fellow MSTie, Sabin Rene Figaro. During a chat after a game of Super Street Fighter II, the XBAND club "MSTies Anonymous" was born. My *MST3K* bulletin board was immediately set up to post announcements and take in new members. Even before the club listing was published in XBAND News from the service, there were 17 members. Following the flood of new members, I set up MSTAnon@aol.com to distribute newsletters and coordinate club activities. Before you could finish singing the MST3K theme song, Cool Stuff 6000 and Deathmonger volunteered to help construct the prototype of the home page. On Wednesday, March 27th, 1996, the page went up. Averaging 2 to 3 hits a day, MSTies on the Internet began to apply for membership. With the growing number of Internet members, I established a larger Internet version of the newsletter. Meanwhile, XBAND had nearly become a desolate wasteland, so I quit the service to focus on the greener pastures of the Internet. Today, membership continues to rise, but XBAND will soon close its doors to those members still on it. Please help spread the word about this club! Link to our page and tell all your MSTie friends! Together, we can make MSTies Anonymous the place to be for all MSTies on the 'Net.

"Untitled" by Rmichel424@aol.com

Rhino will be re-releasing three new videos on May 22. They are Manos: The Hands Of Fate, Red Zone Cuba, and I believe The Unearthly. They were postponed from an April release. And don't forget to buy your own copy of MST3K: The Movie now on video for you to own for around $15.

By the way, are you looking for MST3k wav files or sound clips? Ask me for a line and if I have it I will convert it to the format you need and send it right out to you. I have almost 1400 sound clips. They are arranged by episode. I have ones that are NOT on the web or are hard to find. If I have the episode it is from and I do not have a file of it, I'll make one. Look to me Rmichel424@aol.com for all your MST3K sound needs.

"Assorted Ramblings" by Servo10081@aol.com


I just love saying that. This will be a mixed bag of ramblings.

I'm a student at a small mid-western college....no, that's not right. Actually I'm a projectionist at a local movie theater. The pay is lousy but I get to see all the movies I want. This can be a blessing or a curse. One word: Anaconda! Expect Mike and the 'bots to tear into THIS one somewhere down the line.

When I start a movie I always mumble "Push the Button Frank" under my breath. What can I say, I'm evil...EVIL! The first time I did this in front of the other projectionist, he collapsed on the floor laughing! It turns out he was a MSTie too.

I just turned my manager onto MST3K. He's become a complete convert along with his wife. Do I get a special patch or a beanie to wear? The first episode he ever saw was "Manos". He came in the next day and put a sign on his door that read "MANOS - The Manager of Fate". His assistant wanted to know what the deal was about this Manos jazz. I suggested that he call his asst. Torgo, then lend him the tape. The asst. (I'll call him John) was really hepped up about it, getting us to call him "Torgo - the Assistant Manager of Fate". John asked me what Torgo was like in the movie. I gave him the cryptic reply of "Big knees, John, Big knees....". He came into work today after seeing Manos and gave me a dirty look......both the manager and I nearly cried from laughing!

Joel and Mike.

ATTENTION: This is not to open a debate over which host is better!! Got that? Good. Joel and Mike are BOTH good so don't ask me which one is my favorite! I've been watching the show for about a year now. I've been trading tapes of the CC episodes with good folks like yourself. I have noticed a difference in styles between Joel and Mike. Joel was kinda paternal toward the 'bots (he IS their creator after all...) reeling them in if they start acting up and such. Mike on the other hand comes off like an older brother, or that kid in high school that used to (or still does) get you in trouble. Just an opinion.

Crow's new voice.

ATTENTION: This is not to open a debate over who does Crow's voice better. See above. That being said, I'm really starting to get used to Crow's new voice. It sounds like he went through puberty, which is normal for a 'bot his age. I do miss Trace as Dr. Forrester though, which leads me to:

Trace Beaulieu.

I got an email from Trace the other day. He told me that his next project is writing a Comic Book. It will be published by Event Comics (they publish a super hero title called "Ash", and it's really very cool as well). The title of it right now is "Here Come the Big People". It should be out in August. Go out and buy it. Support Trace as well as your local comic shop (btw, I used to manage a comic shop if you haven't already guessed :) ).

The Mysteries of the Universe.

Awww heck! Outta room. I'll guess I'll just have to save that for next time



April MSTie of the Month: ASTONE@st1.wosc.osshe.edu

Hi, My name's Abbey, and I'm a MSTie.

(Pause for everyone to say hi.)

OK. I go to the brand new Western Oregon University in wild and wacky Monmouth, Oregon (Don't worry, nobody outside of here has ever heard of it either). I am a psychology major/gender studies minor. I have been addicted to MST since my freshman year in high school when my parents introduced me to it (ah, my dysfunctional family, passing on the addiction).

I work at the campus TV station (WSTV) where I am the Entertainment Director. I am currently the writer/producer/director (Hey, we have a very small staff) of an extremely campy, cheesy parody of the X-files (called, appropriately enough, the W files).

I guess that's about all there is to say, except that...I once got actual personal email from Trace Bellieau (sp?) who I loved and miss greatly on the show (although I like Pearl, and Crow's new voice is ok).

@}-'--,-- @}-'--,-- @}-'--,-- @}-'--,-- @}-'--,-- @}-'--,--

Eschew Obfuscation!!!

Si hoc legere scis niminium eruditionis habes.

May MST3K schedule on SFC

(All times Eastern/Pacific)
Airdate Time ### Episode
5/03 4:00 PM 805 The Thing That Couldn't Die
5/03 11:00 PM 805 The Thing That Couldn't Die
5/10 4:00 PM 806 The Undead
5/10 11:00 PM 806 The Undead
5/17 4:00 PM 807 Terror From the Year 5000
5/17 11:00 PM 807 Terror From the Year 5000
5/24 4:00 PM 808 The She Creature
5/24 11:00 PM 808 The She Creature
5/31 4:00 PM 810 The Giant Spider Invasion
5/31 11:00 810 The Giant Spider Invasion

From Lord Zen

So as we move towards the month of May, we tend to think of the happiness that spring has brought us. I mean, who wouldn't like the way it bounces back and forth. And how it walks downstairs. But enough about the spring. As some of you may know, the holocaust is coming. Yup, I'm afraid to say, Xband is currently being destroyed by a huge yucca monster!!

"Yucca monster?" you say. "how can that be?" Sorry, that's just what I call company executives. The move will be made on April 30th, which coincidentally is the same date that 2/3rds of our members simultaneously quit. "Hey, whoa, why?" Haven't you been listening? Jeez, Xband is gonna be gone. Do I have to spell it out for you? On to the next order of business.

Some of you may be thinking "Hey, where'd "The PooBah" go?" "why isn't "he" writing "this"?" Using way too many "quotation" marks, I reply "Well it was a "fight" to the "death" in which the "winner" gets the "privileges" of this "club". "Guess "who" won?""

Actually we will be rotating the job of editing between the three of us (mstanon@msties.com, kret0419@blue.UnivNorthCo.edu and me, Cool6000@juno.com) this will make it a little easier to handle the club, and add some variety to the newsletter. We're loving it already aren't we? [12 mistakes and counting!]

Don't forget to try out MST3k Trivia at:
http://members.aol.com/MSTAnon/trivia.htm. Trivia is now run by Cambot@webtv.net. Those who get the answers right, will be praised and lavished with gold and jewels. No they won't. But they will get mentioned in the next newsletter. Yahoo! OK, it's getting obvious that I'm dragging this on too long so, signing off this is Cool6000 saying, Push the button, Frank.


Mystery Science Theater 3000, its characters and situations are copyright 1997 Best Brains, Inc. This page is not meant to infringe on any copyrights held by Best Brains, The Sci-Fi Channel, or their employees.

(c) MCMXCVII MSTies Anonymous -
mstanon@msties.com - kret0419@blue.UnivNorthCo.edu - Cool6000@juno.com

"Uuuyugh! Blue-cheese flavored vodka!"

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