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Official sites
Baron Vaughn
Professional site for future MST3K star Baron Vaughn.
Bring Back MST3K
Joel Hodgson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to revive Mystery Science Theater 3000!
Cinematic Titanic
MST3K alums Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein, Frank Conniff, and Mary Jo Pehl present live and recorded riffs on more old B-movies!
Felicia Day
Professional site for future MST3K star Felicia Day.
Frank Conniff
Professional site for MST3K alum Frank Conniff.
Hampton Yount
Professional site for future MST3K star Hampton Yount.
Joel Hodgson
Professional site for MST3K creator Joel Hodgson.
The Mads Are Back
MST3K alums Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff are taking their movie riffing on the road to your town!
Mary Jo Pehl
Professional site for MST3K alum Mary Jo Pehl.
Mystery Science Theater 3000
The official site for Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Patton Oswalt
Professional site for future MST3K star Patton Oswalt.
MST3K alums Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett provide hilarious commentaries to movies new and old!
Satellite News
The place to go for all MSTies. Updated constantly with the news you need to know! Also has the MST3K FAQ, episode guide, trivia reference, and more. An essential.
Shout! Factory
Our new corporate overlords, holders of the MST3K IP and distributors of episodes on DVD and online.
Trace Beaulieu
Professional site for MST3K alum Trace Beaulieu.

Active fansites
Bring Back MST3K Blog
A repository of all things Kickstarter. Maintained by John Skeel. Links to PDF files, video, Twitter information, and all manner of things relating to the campaign.
Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 Resources
A catch-all collection of links and information on generating crowdfunding word-of-mouth through social media.

Old fansites
Amazing Colossal Web Page!
Well, it's not really colossal, and not exactly amazing. It does have some sounds (5) and quites a few pictures (23) that I haven't seen on the Internet before. Uh... that's all. Yup. Not even any links!!
Cleverly Named MST3K Page
Somewhat still in the works, but... there's a tape trade up, a message board, some info on all of the characters, and hopefully more to come.
Deus Ex Machina
This is an MST online classic. The original link list of MSTiedom. I mean, THE original. Awesome.
Flying Elves Are Back!
The web page with the most original name! Really. We wouldn't lie. It included things like a complete list of episodes, late-breaking news, a picture gallery of all the different characters on the show, the opening lyrics, and a list of links. Oh, and waaay at the bottom, it looks like the lil' ol' MST-O-MATIC applet! Yee-hah!
Info Service MST3K Sites
Well, it's a good-sized list of links, but nothing else.
John's Mystery Science Theater 3000 WWW Page
A lot of cool and interesting stuff John collected here that I can't personally find anywhere else... and I already reviewed all of these sites! Little abstractions range from an MST "magic eye" stereogram to MSTied Usenet posts, MST software to FAQs... Well, there's a large variety here. And, of course, LINKS.
Little Guy's Humor Page
This site contains a number of MST3K/Star Trek crossover fanfics.
MST3K Audio Stuff
Looking for great sounds, but don't want to bother using a search engine? Well, look no further! This site has been serving MiSTies with the best sounds from Season 7 and 8 since February of 1996! Go here for an assortment of sounds provided in both .wav and realaudio format.
It's a pretty keen, growing site with an invaluable domain name (one considered by this site last year, actually). Huzzah!
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movies
Home-grown MST!!! A thorough description of how a group of MiSTies reproduced the show using ordinary household products. The targets? THE movies needed to be MiSTified: Star Trek V and Highlander II! HURRAY FOR THEM!! You can even buy your own copies of their work! Yaaaay! Wheeee! Zow-zow-zowie!
No Home for Joe Crow
A truly cool site. He has a listing of what he has on tape, about 70 sounds, links, and his own version of Caption This! Oh yeah, and a buncha cool Monty Python stuff, but that doesn't matter for this review. Spam! Spam! Wonderful Spam! Wonderful Spam! Spam!
Portnoy Science Theater 3000
Although this site is outdated, it still has some pretty noteworthy stuff on it, including AVI videos of MST, some sounds, and lots of other stuff.
User-Friendly MST Site
The site that brings you sweet, hotpad love has alas, gone the way of the dinosaurs like so many other MST3K sites.

Link exchanges are always welcome here, so long as it's with fellow MST sites. First, just post one of the buttons below or the words "MSTies Anonymous"on your site with a link to "http://www.msties.com/".

Then send me an e-mail with the title for your site and the URL. It'll be posted here at my earliest convenience.

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