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904 Werewolf 04/18/98
905 Deadly Bees 05/09/98
906 Space Children 06/13/98

905 Deadly Bees A Best Brains Production
Transcripts by BobIshmael@prodigy.net
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
905.wav "Hey, why are you getting dressed? There's no need for that." -Crow 29k


Magic Voice: Previously on the Satellite of Love.
Crow: His BP is dropping fast.
Gypsy: We're losing him!
Mike: The hell we are! Clear! C'mon, c'mon now, live. More broccoli?
Gypsy: It's not broccoli I want. It's... you!
Servo: Look at me! You know what I think? I think you knew that chicken puppet was stuffed with explosives! Didn't ya'? Didn't ya'?!
Mike: No!
Crow: C'mon, answer the question ya' scowl!
Mike: No!
Servo: Stop lying! Crow! Crow, c'mon.
Crow: No, the sauce.. It's too rich... It's too thick... Save... yourself!
Servo: Crow, take my hand!
Mike: Don't make me shoot you! Crow!
Magic Voice: Now, tonight's episode.

Segment 1

Servo: Nelson, you'll pay with your miserable life!
Mike: Uh, Tom? We're back in the regular world now.
Servo: How could you sleep with Amanda? Wha? Oh, oh.
Mike: I'm going to check what's going on in the castle now.
Servo: Oh, sure. Great. Fine.
Mike: Could you stop choking me?
Servo: Eh, uh... I can't.
Observer: I mean, a hot dog, sure. A hot dog is one thing. But, to then place chili inside the hot dog.
Bobo: Oh, a tunnel of chili.
Observer: Indeed it is! I mean, where do they come up with ingenious things like that?
Bobo: That stuff is way beyond you and me, my friend.
Observer: I guess so.
Bobo: Well, time to go make us another batch.
Observer: Good idea. Hurry back, Bobo. There's a great fight on "Jerry Springer."
Observer: Observer!
Observer: Oh, uh, Observer... Observer.
Observer: It's all too clear, isn't it? We're knocking ourselves out reconstituting our exploded planet. Searching the entire universe for you, Observer, and then to find your here like this.
Observer: Living like some gross smelly animal... thing.
Observer: Oh, Observer!
Observer: But, but I didn't even know you were still alive! I mean, I'm still all-powerful and omniscient and know all things. But, how was I to know, really?
Bobo: I made more chili dogs! Would you like on- Who are you? Oh! I know who you are! You're the other really white guys who have their brains in pans, too. Only you're the mean ones! I'm going to tell Lawgiver! Lawgiver!
Observer: Well...
Observer: It certainly would be nice to have you with us, as we once again make our civilzation the grandest in the cosmos. But, are you really even Observer anymore? Observer?
Observer: I still have my powers, if that's what you mean? Watch, watch! Remember that brute who blew up out planet? I'll blight him with something so horrible... Just watch.
Mike: Oh, hey. Thank you, Brain Guy. Ooh, it's quite nice, actually.
Observer: Ah, see! Nobody wants to get a tie. Don't you see what a terrible gift that is? I tell you, I'll try again. Two out of three.
Observer: You're a pathetic sod! But, we'll take you with us and blow this place up. C'mon, dummy.
Pearl: So, Brain Guy... You're planning to leave us.
Observer: Ah, yes. It's just that my civilization needs me.
Pearl: We're not good enough for you. I understand!
Observer: It's nothing personal...
Pearl: No, it's fine! Fine!
Observer: No, it's nothing against you!
Pearl: It's fine!
Observer: It's just that they'll need my help blowing up the world and everything.. I tell you what, I'll send you one last movie to Mike. Mike, your movie this week is called "The Deadly Bees!" See, it's just that my civilization needs me and...
Pearl: Fine!
Bobo: Don't leave, Brain Guy! I love you.
Crow: Already, you've already spilt about a gallon of gravy on your tie. I mean, how clumsy are you, Mike?
Servo: Where'd you even get the gravy?
Mike: Oh, no! We've got Movie Sign!

Segment 2

Crow: Hello, Mike.
Mike: Oh hi, Crow. Nice pantaloon.
Crow: Oh, nevermind that. I'm smitten with love for the fair lady, Hargrove.
Mike: Who? From the movie?! You mean, the cigarette hag?
Crow: Don't call her that!
Mike: Sorry. Go on with your story.
Crow: I have written sonnet in her honor, classic English form, 14 lines, aimenbic feat.
Mike: Great, what's with Curly here?
Servo: Oh, me? I'm just sitting in on crum horn.
Mike: Okay. Well, rockin'. Let's hear it.
Crow: Hit it. As England's rotting springtide begs to loom. I spy thee, sitting, smoking with thy dog. I long to fill my lungs with your perfume. Have several samplings of the local grog. Ef flubia, I would rather die than switch. To gayly dance my claws through smoky locks is my delight. Though, some would call you bi-Er, witch! I love thee, filter, flavor, pack, or box. I flit, for springtime happens over you. And fly to spy thy scowl, in barnyard fair. Sweet Pan's delight, I kiss a mole or two. As satisfying flavor fill the air. With love blacked lungs, we'll from the heavens choke. A silly millimeter longer, of love's smoke.
Mike: Okay, I got to go brush my teeth.
Crow: Wait! I have a canto, as well.
Servo: Aw, forget it. We'll be right back.

Segment 3

Servo: No! Down!
Mike: Hey, what's wrong Tom?
Servo: Oh, nothing. The whole raising killer bees thing got me going on my own adventure here, raising wood ticks for a living. But, I don't know what to feed them.
Crow: Hey, Mike! Have you seen my lice farm?
Mike: Oh, nevermind about that. There's something doing down on Earth... See?
Observer: I... am leaving with my buddies. No more smelly dumb gorillas. No more yelling, shrewdish women. I must go. I am departing with my kinsmen, to the planet where I come from. Even if it means destroying all I know.
Pearl and Bobo: Please stay. We are your friends. Though our brains are not in pans.
Pearl: Please stay.
Bobo: We'll give you juice.
Pearl and Bobo: If you'll only take our hands.
Bobo: Or take my paw.
Observer: Can you give me any reason why I shouldn't up and leave you? And blast your silly planet when I go?
Pearl: There are several milion reasons...
Bobo: Though, there's none that I can think of.
Pearl: There are several million reasons...
Pearl and Bobo: Here we go.
Observer: Okay.
Bobo: There's meat...
Pearl: And we've got string.
Bobo: And tortillas stuffed with ham.
Pearl: If you'll stay...
Bobo: If you stay...
Pearl: I'll fold your sheets.
Bobo: She'll fold your sheets. If you just stay where you am.
Observer: All these reasons you have given me, have totally convinced me. I really can't be going, I must stay.
Pearl: The reasons we have given you have totally convinced you. You really can't be going, you will stay. We have given you many reasons why you shouldn't up and leave us... He will stay! Bobo: There are sausages and carrots... Observer: You've got meat and you've got string, and tortillas stuffed with ham! If I stay, you'll fold my sheets. If I just stay where I am! I will stay!
Bobo: Aah! My paw! Oh, mommy!
Observer: Sorry...
Mike: That's a nice song, y'know? He will stay...
Crow: Ah! My lice!
Servo: My beautiful wood ticks!
Mike: Oh! Sorry, we got Movie Sign!

Segment 4

Servo: Hey, Crow. Watcha doin'?
Crow: Hi. Waiting.
Servo: Oh... For?
Crow: Oh. For Mike. I asked him where my bottle of Just For Men hair coloring was, and he left without a word. And so I shall await his return, for I have every faith that Mike will one day come back to me and answer the question I posed, so long ago... Mike! I knew you'd come back.
Mike: Hey, guys! How're ya' doing? Y'know what, I thought I'd shake things up a bit. Y'know? Think outside the box. Shift the hell out of our paradynes.
Servo: So, you dressed in a bee costume? Good for you.
Mike: Yeah, just for today I thought I'd communicate as the bees do.
Servo: Uh, bees communicate through movement and odor.
Crow: Right.
Mike: ...I'll just be using movement.
Crow: Oh, good.
Servo: Right. Oh, sure. Well, yeah. Of course.
Crow: What's he saying?
Servo: Yes, I have to agree with Milton Freeman. Economical freedom is a essential requisite for political freedom. Yes, yes.
Crow: Did he say anything about my Just For Men?
Servo: No, I'll let you know. Oh, oh my.
Crow: What? What? This has to be about my Just For Men!
Servo: You, my friend, are one of the few people who can do justice to Chief Seatlle's oration. Thank you, Mike, thank you.
Crow: What about my Just For Men?

Servo: I'm sure he's getting to that Crow! Geez! Say, Mike? Could you compare and contrast the English translation of the Maha Brida to the original Sanscript. Ah, I see. Yes. I understand. I agree.
Crow: I mean, I don't really need it. I just enjoy looking younger. There's nothing wrong with that, I don't think.

Segment 5

Mike: So... Bees, huh?
Crow: Yep. They sure make a film.
Servo: Sure do. Bees should be in every single movie.
Crow: Huh?
Mike: Huh?
Servo: Huh?
Mike: Oh, uh, Pearl's calling.. Huh.
Crow: Huh.
Pearl: Well, Mike, it's armageddon. These other bleachy faced omnipotent brain guys are battling our Brain Guy because he decided to stay. Once they toast him, they're going to take over the world. An idea they totally stole from me.
Observer: Yield, flesh loving traitor!
Observer: I shan't!
Observer: Surrender, carne asda fool!
Observer: I shan't!
Observer: Then meet your doom!
Observer: In stereo this time, Observer!
Observer: Two at once... Too... much... Can't handle it...
Bobo: I made more chili dogs!
Observer: Chili.. dogs? What a fasicinating concept.
Bobo: Yes, with lots of yummy-ooey-gooey cheese.
Observer: What an intriging notion.
Observer: Quick, Pearl! Put this down the laundry shoot!
Pearl: What do I look like? Your maid?
Observer: Hurry! The fate of the world depends on it!
Pearl: Oh, the fate of the world depends on it... Oh, geez.
Observer: Hurry!
Observer: No, my... my brain...
Observer: Oh, it comes down to you. And it comes down to me, eh, Observer? The supreme challenge. Respective mastery. Ow.
Observer: Quick, Bobo!
Observer: My brain.. My beautiful brain...
Observer: So, former brain mates. For punishment, you shall walk this Earth for the rest of your days as mere flesh bound mortals. Worse yet, you will live in Wisconsin where you will work at the Bernett County Dairy Cooperative and be raging Packers fans!
Observer: Go Packers!
Observer: Packers... Whoo! Hey, you got anymore smokes man?
Observer: You gotta stop bummin' off me.
Bobo: Let's do it again!
Pearl: Are they gone? Is the world safe and everything?
Observer: Yes, we three have triumphed over evil in a way that...
Pearl: Huh.
Observer: Huh.
Bobo: Huh.

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